2012 Summit Presentations

18th National Pension & Institutional Investor Summit

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Program Agenda


Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, & Welcome
◦    Wanda Valentine, Fort Worth Employees' Retirement Fund
◦    Robert Hulme, Fort Worth Employees' Retirement Fund
◦    John E. Thompson, Jr., President and Executive Director, NSIIP
◦    Ruth Ryerson, Program Co-Chair, Ft Worth Employees' Retirement Fund
◦    Darren Massey, ING Investment Management
◦    Carl T. O'Connell, The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC
Kick-Off – Are You Part of the Bearish Informational Cascade Surrounding Equity Markets?
◦    Speaker David A. Daglio, Jr., The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC
Real Asset Investing Panel Discussion
◦    Moderator Randall L. Kopsa, Boy Scouts of America
◦    Panelist Brian Dausch, T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
◦    Panelist Bernie McNamara, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Low-Volatility Investing: Is this for real or just a fad?
◦    Moderator John D. Hartman, Rocaton Investment Advisors, LLC
◦    Panelist Arjun Jayaraman, Causeway Capital Management LLC
◦    Panelist Robert J. Schoen, Putnam Investments
◦    Panelist Jay Strohmaier, The Clifton Group
Breakout – Public Plans, The Impact of Political Influence
◦    Moderator Ruth Ryerson, Fort Worth Employees' Retirement Fund
◦    Speaker Eric J. Atwater, Segal Company
Breakout – Corporate Plans, Fiduciary Responsibilities
◦    Moderator Bradley S. Smith, NEPC, LLC
◦    Panelist Russell Chapman, Littler Mendelson, P.C.
◦    Panelist Frank W. Nessel, Vanguard
◦    Panelist David Phillips, Russell Investments
Breakout – Foundation/Endowment & Private Office, Current Issues
◦    Moderator Joe H. Wright, Jr, Baptist Foundation of Texas
◦    Panelist Gregory Dowell, Meadows Foundation, Inc.
◦    Panelist Gene Lohmeyer, Cambridge Associates
◦    Panelist Steve Orr, Communities Foundation of Texas
Luncheon – Where to Now? A Discussion of Fixed Income Markets After the November Election
◦    Luncheon Speaker: Matthew Toms, ING Investment Management
Global and Emerging Markets Strategies
◦    Speaker Reiner M. Triltsch, WHV Investment Management
◦    Moderator James Brown, American Electric Power
◦    Panelist Daniel S. Janis, III, Manulife Asset Management
◦    Panelist Wilbur L. Matthews II, Vaquero Global Investment LP
The Role of Hedge Funds: Direct or fund of funds?
◦    Moderator Dan O'Grady, AT&T, Inc.
◦    Panelist J Germenis, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company
◦    Panelist Tom Janisch, Asset Consulting Group
◦    Panelist Robert McCormish, TeamCo Advisers, LLC
Risk Management: Does it hinder opportunity to meet obligations?
◦    Moderator Charles Ballard, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
◦    Panelist Jack Hansen, The Clifton Group
◦    Panelist Cheryl Maliwanag, Pathway Capital Management, LLC
◦    Panelist Greg Samorajski, McKinley Capital Management, LLC
Concluding Remarks
◦    John E. Thompson, Jr., President and Executive Director, NSIIP