Dallas Chapter Notes

Dallas Chapter of the Society of Pension Professionals


The Society is the professional education forum for pension professionals. Its members are dedicated to professional standards within the industry and committed to sharing knowledge. There are eight regularly scheduled meetings on the third Tuesday of: January, March, April, June, July, September, October, and December.


Membership includes attendance and lunch at the eight regularly scheduled meetings along with discounted pricing for any special meetings during the year. Members can to send a substitute in their stead if they are unable to attend. The 2018 Membership fee is $225 in January and pro-rated to $210 in February, $210 in March, $180 in April, $150 in May, $150 in June, $120 in July, $90 in August, $90 in September, $60 in October, $30 in November, and $30 in December.


Non-members attending pay a $30 fee for each meeting in 2018. Special meetings may have a different fee.

Electronic Membership Application   or    Paper Form

Everyone is required to RSVP for meetings they will attend.


For more information contact: 

John E. Thompson, Jr., 


Dallas Chapter of the Society of Pension Professionals
One T&M Plaza | 6839 Gaston Avenue | Dallas, TX 75214
Office 214-327-0068 | Cell 214-577-0095
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